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Data Backup Services

All businesses and organisations need to back up their data. As far as we are concerned that’s a fact of life, so we provide Data Backup services for businesses, corporate institutions and organisations. Airnet Limited has been offering company and enterprise customers reliable data backup solutions for many years with the aim of helping to protect their IT infrastructure.

We offer a wide range of data backup solutions to our clients. We provide the latest and most efficient backup services. Our service includes the storage of all data in an off-site location and is backed up regularly to prevent any loss of data, so that if anything happens you can rest assured that your business and its information will be safe.

We provide data backup services for businesses, corporate institutions and organisations. We create a virtual cloud for your business that enables you to make your business data secure by storing it on our servers. We offer great value and affordable prices to suit all budgets.


When you think of Airnet, you probably think of high quality air conditioners, Strong Solar System, Fast computer networking and troubleshooting, Intelligent Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera and Sensitive Fire Alarm System, but for a very long time, we have been touching your life in so many other ways.

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